Someone Doing md paeds in reputed college 1200 all india rank its been 3 month

Someone Doing md paeds in reputed college 1200 all india rank its been 3 month but not able to adjust senior expect that you should know everything in on your own without guidance all the time humiliating and insulting
She started doubting whether I am worth being a doctor
Wants to quit

Real life ain’t a coaching class where everything is gonna be spoon fed…

Rank worship occurs only in coaching factories… Not in real life

Go and make your work speak louder than whatever was spoken to you…

When you’re entering pg you’re expected to have a certain amount of basic mbbs practical knowledge. However, many don’t have that because they spent their time solving mcqs and attending classes instead of actually working. That’s why a lot of juniors end up getting scolded by seniors because they cannot even do basic tasks which is expected from any mbbs graduate.

Also, once you enter pg no one gives a damn about your rank. What matters then is your work ethic and your efficiency. You aren’t going to be spoon fed anything during pg.

However, this applies for basic knowledge only. Seniors cannot expect you to know how to do specific advanced procedures or have the same amount of knowledge that they have because that’s ridiculous.

I left DNB paeds, i think after obgy paeds is the most toxic branch with shitty seniors. Parents also make our life tough

Remind them that till they get their degree,you and senior are having the same degree which is mbbs.why unnecessarily scratch people!!! regarding degree ,your competency has been judged by nbe before giving you a rank in 1000s and your efficiency has been judged by the university that awarded you the mbbs degree.senior has no business in judging that.

See its a psychological game…tell them confidently i do not know…and if they scold just shakeur head