Someone was asking about radiology and bond posting....Everything explained in detail

Someone was asking about radiology and bond posting… This video clearly explains everything…

Now some people will come do negative councelling for radio

Can u write a death certificate after having this degree and being attached to a setup?Do not come and tell me that a MBBS can do, you need to have some practice running to do so, that is the supposed protocol.Radiology has glamour that’s all, if you cannot touch a patient and affect his/her life, it’s useless.Everything is not money and comfort in life.

Someone who thinks that those who do not touch a patient cannot affect someone’s life are blatant nincompoops ! A surgeon cannot operate on an case without having a radiological and pathological diagnosis and without an anesthetist.

Yes public at large in general will not acknowledge their jobs but treating a patient is a team work in modern medicine.

Those who denigrates other branches like non clinical or para clinical and other clinical branches do not deserve to call themselves doctors because they have not taken the Hippocratic oath or have never read it.

Shame on them to look down upon their fellow colleagues in the profession; they fail to understand the very fundamental ethics on which medicine is built, thanks to their sense of grandiosity, vanity and entitlement !

Dear child, getting a 500 is no doubt a commendable job, anyone with the right frame of mind and a 6 months duration rigorous study can do, which you did and I am proud of you.

But, that people do not segregate branches, that people do not look down upon branches, that it is not classified into categories as high and low clinicals, do you choose to live in denial or wait, are you even a grad from India?Well I think you aren’t.Okay, then why is Radiology charged 40L and ent 20L or 15L in private colleges?Answer this topper, if you can only then come armed with such flowery vocabulary and articulate articulation to leave peeps here in imaginary awe of you.The truth is, categories exist, divisions exist, hierarchy exists, or are you noob enough to live in denial till now even?Ask any question about getting a dnb seat in a peripheral private college in a subject that is ranked less like anesthesia in this group, you will be baffled to see one response after 12 hrs, and you talk of no hierarchy kid.Grow up.

Nice video … Everything explained in detail … Will now consider radio

Priorities and content make a branch or break it… For one Radio leads to satisfaction and for other being a plain MBBS hits it well…

Question shud be how u can think out of the box 😎