Spider virus also called spider angioma

also called spider angioma ,nevus araneus…which is a common benign,vascular lession charactrized by a central dilated arterioles surrounded by radiating,thin-walled capillaries.mostfrequently found solitary or multiples on face,neck,and upper trank and arms in adults and in back of the hand and fingers in childerens

the exact cause of spider angiomas are not clear .but conditions of exess esterogen levels are associated with sp. angiomas like pregnency,hormonal supplement,oral contraceptives and liver diseases like cirrhosis and liver failure,also found in thyrotoxicosis,and in 10-15%in healthy adults and young childerens

D/D OF SPIDER ANGIOMAS INCLUDE:acreniform erruption,angioma serpiginosum,cherry haemangioma,costal fringe,generalized essential telangiastasis,heredetary telangiactasis,insects bite,osler-webber-rendue syndrome,rosacea,unilatral nevoid telengiactasis &basal cell carcinoma

work up needs to take a proper h/o pregnency in female pts,including h/o oral contraceptives,hormonal supplements.in generals ask abut intake of drugs that may cause liver dammage,h/o alcohol intake…confirm refil patterntest skin biopsy is not required exept for cases of enlarging spider angiomas and to exclude bcc&other conditions

no treatment is needed in childrenssome angiomas resolves sopntanously while others remain permenant…in young femaleslessions resolved spontenously within 6weeks-9montsafter child birth or stopping oral contraceptivesnumerous lessions in liver disease imrove when treating underlying condition…electrodesiccation and lsar therapy can be effective for bothersome facial angiomas with good results