Stem Cell is Embryonic Cell

Stem Cell is Embryonic Cell that can develop into Different Tissues

Stem cell is an undifferentiated, pluripotent cell capable of giving rise to other types of cells. The stem cells normally present in the bone marrow and umbilical cord blood that are capable of developing into any of a full range of mature blood cells. Stem cells in the intestine continually divide to replace cells sloughed off the gut lining. There are three basic kinds of stem cells:

  1. Totipotent stem cells form when a fertilized egg first divides, and can form a complete organism by forming all the necessary tissues, such as bone, muscle, or nerve tissue, and also form the placenta.

  2. Pluripotent stem cells form as part of the blastocyst and can form most kinds of tissue, but are not able to generate the whole organism.

  3. Multipotent cells are generated by an embryo and give rise to only specific kinds of cells.