Step 1: 228, step2 CK: 234 (2nd attempt), temporary certificate is pending (waiting for OET)

What are my chances?

Hi, can someone please tell me my chances to match IM:

YOG: 2009,

Step 1: 228, step2 CK: 234 (2nd attempt), temporary certificate is pending (waiting for OET).

No IV yet.

over 30 publications with some grant support and 3 patents from home country. I also completed IM residency training from my home country.

Currently appointed as an Assistant Research Professor in a U.S. institute

Many people told me I have a big chance but after receiving over 50 rejections, I feel kinda self-doubts…

Please let me know what I should do next for 2021 match. I have already sent over 200 Letters of Interest…
Which places did you apply? Go to all the big institutions where IMGs do not apply. Make sure you have people referring you to programs. I have similar yog, lesser publications (few full manuscripts, many abstracts), PhD, ECFMG certified (no attempts) and have 1 interview from a university without references. This year just happens to be the wrong one for us.
Doubt is a default because the selection process is competitive.

Here are some of the things I “see”:

  1. YOG

  2. Attempt (s)

You have no need for a visa so that’s good. Research and grants.

Which specialties?
This year it is completely different. I guess they do not want to take a chance with an old graduate with OET. Although u working in a U.S. Institution and no visa requirements give you an edge over other IMGs. It also depends on how many programs u applied to and the program specifications.

Like someone pointed out in the comments, make sure u apply to programs which dont sponsor a visa.

Also prepare yourself mentally to take the CS exam and apply next year.

That being said, there is some time left, so dont lose hopes yet. Sometimes u just need one good IV to match. Also look for prematch programs.