Step1 experience---(244)

Step1 experience—(244)
Preparation time:1 year.
Freshly brewed undergrad.
Preparation material: uworld (79% 1st pass. Revised handmade notes), uwsa1:258. Uwsa2 (256). First aid:6-7 reads . Pathoma . Anat: shelf notes gross high yield. Micro: fa plus sketchy .
Nbme 13:246, nbme 15:244. Nbme 16:244. Nbme 18(242). Nbme 19 (20 mistakes. All silly I did them while reviewing and marked the correct answers wrong during review out of 20 12 were those. ) Don’t do that in exam.

I started reading in internship with Kaplan material to brush up the concepts I read in first two years. I feel my basic physiology and pathology were strong during mbbs years.
During this 4-5 months I tried to read Kaplan lecture notes and some videos like Dr. Sam Turcos biochemistry and physiology videos. Which helped to integrate concepts well. This was during my internship (2017-2018) when we had some camps and such stuff so I knew I won’t be able to skip it and there will be interruptions. So I just built a foundation during this period. I bought uworld in Jan 2018 and started. Along with fa.
Again in May ( mid preparation) I had a surgery for dns so had to take a break. But during this period I stressed more on uworld concepts and fa reads. Almost I read it twice or thrice. Just to make sure I knew concepts. Post surgery I completed remaining uworld questions and was speeding up and skipped explanations on few blocks in uworld. Because I felt I won’t be able to retain it. ( If u feel u can’t retain just read the educational objectives and move on). If you are short on time.
By this time I did nbmes 1-7,11,12 blocks just to get oriented and practice session. So as to recall what I had retained and what I hadn’t
By oct. I again read fa and decided to take nbmes. I did all nbmes online. By oct and Nov I read fa and uworld notes which I had made during this period. And read extra stuff like brs ethics beh. And 100 cases of Conrad. I also did sketchy micro . I didn’t organise or create any plan. ( Because it gave me stress ) but I knew I had read almost everyday post surgery. By November end and December I gave nbmes. Staring with 13,15,16,17,18,19 in that order.
Nbme 18 was more like step1 and predictive.
I tried to review all my mistakes during nbme and tried to complete fa in 20days. Bcz I can’t complete it in 10days.
Uwsa1/2 were over predictive for me.
By Jan 31st I took my exam. Last week was very anxious and I felt bad. As I was fatigued due to constant reading and giving tests.
Regularise the sleep pattern. Usmle tests the concepts u need ur brain to fire up at the d day. Last week I had anxiety a lot as my performance on nbmes was plateaued. I couldn’t break 250 and that was due to silly mistakes I made during nbmes. So try avoiding them. Even during usmle exam I felt that I did mark easy questions wrong which landed me into 240s. Again it’s a hypothesis.
Breaks pattern. : After first block I felt that my brain just got synced with the exam. So I didn’t took the break just sat there for few minutes gave the second block. And then after second block took 5 min. Break. I took 5 mins break after 3rd block. So as to keep 30 mins for last 3 blocks where I can take 10 mins and relax. So as I don’t feel stressed fatigued and burned out. First two blocks were tough and I knew rest of the blocks were relatively easy. And marked 4-5 questions in them.
Rest I can just say that what helped in exams were the concepts. I can’t mug up the things. But because of good sleep I was able to recollect things I read a year ago.
At last, I m grateful to God, parents, caring friends and mentors for this journey. I hope this helps. I know my scores not in a very high range. But I hope it helps someone. I feel it’s a way of giving back to the group which helped me a lot!