Steps of renal transplant

Steps of renal transplant:

  1. Venous anastomosis
  • Cross clamp iliac vein for venotomy

  • Allograft renal vein to recipient iliac vein

  1. Arterial anastomosis

-Cross clamp iliac artery above and below aortotomy site

-Allograft renal artery to recipient iliac artery

  1. Reperfusion
  • Unclamp vein and artery

ANESTHESTIC GOALS: CVP 10-12, SBP > 120 (for reperfusion and thereafter), UOP 5-10 ml/kg/h. Plan to extubate if no contraindications.

  1. Ureteral implantation over stent
  • Clamp foley upon surgeon’s request for infusion of methylene blue solution retrograde into bladder via foley catheter.

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