Stop misusing antibiotics doctors

Stop misusing antibiotics doctors

Stop misusing antibiotics doctors

Sahi yaar
Par woh top class drugs ab hotel mein biscuit ki tarah toh bechhte nai
Pt jaake store mein piperacillen puchega?

Lot of patients also take meds just like that from pharmacy even if it’s required or not

Most of rural hospitals they missued antibiotics ! I have been seen it ! They prescribe antibiotics every where irrespective of proper judgement !!

The whole point of the post is hold the use of antibiotics
Not about hospital name or patient id
Hope u get it

Now a days antibiotics are over the counter drug…
No one need any prescription to give antibiotics.
Any medical store should not give antibiotic without doctor prescription.

Man isnt the smartest, everything is evolving. And the cause for this hint of apocalypse is human himself

Even now a days in rural area, every one giving injection meropenam for fever. They r giving meropenam 1gm daily.

Exactly the real culprits are the pharmacies and quacks. A doc from a good medical college doesnt do such things

Please don’t blame doctors…it is not because of allopathy doctors…its a combined effort of other forms of medicine practitioners,patient’s themselves, the ones running pharmacies without proper licences and the quacks in remote areas.

Should be blamed
Not all but most of them
An inj piper is 250/-
Just for share in pharmacy,doctors prescribe it
Top hospitals like apollo yashoda even sell for higher price
Its just the society
Phc/CHC prescribe without proper knowledge
Just bcz of these fellas, docs are beaten up and accused of many things(even posts like these)
I agree with u,but cant at the same time

Rural chc and phc are giving away many broad spectrum antibiotics like roti daal chawal.
Condition is alarming.
I ve seen it.

Rural CHC & PHC are not giving such broad spectrum antibiotics…in CHC & PHC are only have upto ceftriaxone level …don’t underestimate PHC & CHC doctors …they are the pillars of rural…even though quacks are looting the people…they are the real warriors working under unfavorable conditions…so know the facts & give your opinion…

They will put injection antibiotics irrespective of disease or not just so as to earn their 40 rs per injection.

Like most images circulating online, we should take this Image with a pinch of salt. The image excludes the name of the lab and the name of the doctor who must have signed it. Also as stated above, it conveniently does not include Ceftazidime or Aminoglycosides.
But the issue of resistance to Antibiotics is very real and as far as the responses above show, we as Doctors are quite aware of it.