Study tip (first of a series ?!

Study tip (first of a series ? 🤔)

When you’re doing qbanks, don’t pontificate too greatly over which one is good, which one isn’t, and etc.

Some qbanks like UWorld are very difficult and can demoralize you. Don’t let it get you down. It’s a teaching tool not the actual exam.

Some qbanks like Canada qbank have questions that can have brief question stems but they have questions more similar to the Canadian exam format. This also has utility and benefit.

Instead focus on extracting the most knowledge out of each and every question.

Golden rules for qbanks:

1: Identify what is the question? Their are varied approaches to this. Read the Last line first. Scan the question for clues/buzzwords/high yield Tidbits. To answer the question effectively you first must identify What is the actual question? Question stems are often long and filled with meaningless information. This works against you if English is not a first language, you aren’t the fastest reader, or you are prone to second guessing yourself. Therefore identify what is the actual question, then go through the stem looking for supportive or refuting evidence.

2: Be time conscious. Do not, I repeat do not waste your time doing questions in an untimed format. Neurocognitive stress forces adaptive responses and speeds up the learning curve. Always do timed questions. This mimics the exam, speeds up your timing, and gets you ready for the big day

3: Click, mark, and move. Every block of questions is like exam day. If you read it once, then read it twice; and still no idea - pick the best answer you have, mark the question; and move on. Many examinees have narrowly failed by not heeding this very critical strategy

4: focus on the review after doing your block. Go over the right, and the wrong answers in equal detail. Remember every wrong answer to that question is the right answer to another question

5: Active learning - make flash cards for rapid review. Do a block of questions. Make flash cards every question, every block. Keep your flash cards in piles of 50 with rubber bands. Every night go through one block of flash cards (in question and answe format). If you get it wrong, put it back in the pile and do that flash card again. Fast forward a few weeks you will know the answer to hundreds of questions. Multiply this by a few months you now have a concrete, firm knowledge base that can be rapidly recalled.

6: The goal of a qbank is to get through it two or three times. Your goal is to become a test taking machine. Be positive; don’t get hung up on how you’re doing, and keep learning.

7: work on your speed. 50 questions = one hour. Reviewing = one hour. When you start one block therefore is 2 hours of work. As you get closer to test day dedicate time off and you should be doing 100-150 questions a day. It’s a hard goal; but an attainable one.

If this was helpful provide feedback. I’ll post more tips.

Good luck and stay positive