Such can we administer neostigmine to reverse it

In phase 2 block after administering sch can we administer neostigmine to reverse it

Sch are metabolised by pseudocholine esterases and are removed immediately so dont require any reversal agents

Similarly fast acting agents like Atracurium and Cis Atracurium which undergo non organ dependent fast metabolism (Hoffmans degradation ) dont require reversal agents

Reversal agents are required for rest of the NDMRs out of which Sugamadex is agent specific which works for Rocuronium and Vecuronium

Others like Neostigmine, Physostigmine and Edrophonium are non agent specific reversal agents ( Acetylcholine esterases inhibitors ) which increase the Ach levels around NMJ thus causing reversal. But they also have Muscarinic s/e so are used along with anti muscarinics like Glycopyrolate > Atropine

But in phase 2 block we can use neostigmine to reverse ri8??

No… explained in video section pls watch