Suggestion regarding ALS

Suggestion regarding ALS

  1. Learn by heart all the algorithms- specially ALS, bradycardia/ Tachycardia, ACS, anaphylaxis.

  2. Chapter- 6 is very very important and 80% of mcq and practical test… I read it 3 times some one suggested me.

  3. Chapter-8 rhythm recognition also very very important couldnt read well but learnt by heart during the course, instructors were tooo good… even some Ecg points they taught us by dancing which I will never forget…

  4. 4H and 4T reversible causes of Cardiac Arrest, I just memorised that but during course learnt how to treat and how to identify… very very important.

  5. Airway mx- this skill was easier to me as I have learnt it during Plab-2.

  6. Defibrillator use- always be careful that everyone is away from the bed during shock, do not look the monitor during shock instead look at others so everyone is safe- most important skill.

7.learn ECG by heart… I had basics but learnt a lot during course.

  1. Pacing- important learn transcutaneous pacing and synchronised DC which I have learnt at course didn’t read previously.

9, chapter- 12 all important but I couldn’t read properly all I had basics from Plab-1/2

10.blood gas analysis and metabolic disorder must must… I also had basics from Plab-2 and learnt during course.

  1. A-E assessment (just like simman of Plab-2) you must have this skill, i have learnt nice Menomic for B- RIPPAS- respiratory rate, inspection, palpating, percussion, auscultation and saturation (learnt during course). It’s must must skill.

  2. Dncpr- basics from Plab 2 and during course.

  3. Leadership skill and command skill- do not rush, be calm, think all systematically, if alive patient- A-E assessment, if cardiac arrest then ALS algorithm ( this is the main practical CAS test ). Must know post resuscitation care- whom to handover, what general investigations and further treatment… and all you have judge very quickly through your clinical knowledge.

I was worried really among those ITU consultants, working doctors, anaesthetics… everyone when asked me where I am working, I just said I passed plab and doing clinical attachment!! I thought I might fail, but Alhamdulillah passed, thanks to the group members for suggestions and dr omar alam