Sulphur containing amino acids (SAM)

  1. Sulphur containing amino acids (SAM)
    Systeine (Cysteine) And Methionine
  2. LaCTAte produced in glycolysis is used by
    Liver (cori’s cycle) and rearrange CTA !! (TCA cycle)
  3. EFA - Remember no. of letters = name of acid (small word= small acid)
    Linoleic acid - Arachidonic acid
    Linolenic acid -Eicosapentanoic acid
  4. pURINE metabolism end product is URINE !! (uric acid)
  5. Cryptosporidium is identified by
    aCid fast stain
  6. The composition of anti-rabies vaccine is FIXED !!
    Anti-rabies vaccine is prepared by FIXED virus.
  7. Autoclave (121 degree C for 15 mins. [bact. + spores] and 1 hour [prions] ) Pressure is 15 pounds/inch2 and control is B. stearothermophilus
  8. HIV virus replicates in
    Helper T cells (CD4)
    CXCR4 strain (chemokine receptor)
  9. MaCrophage
    CCR5 (RS strain)
  10. Lobular Carcinoma is