Sunday 5 may Sep 2563 (status at 14.00 pm (sighs)

The Embassy in Paris would like to summarize the new breed of corona virus epidemic (Covid-19) in France as follows.

  1. Sunday 5 may Sep 2563 (status at 14.00 pm (sighs)
  • the total of patients infected by test pcr. 70,478 (1,873 increase) and 22,361 nursing homes (1,013 increase). Total of 92,839 Collectibles (2,886 more. (sighs)
  • healing at the hospital. 28,891 (748 increase) and healed from hospital. Already 16,183 of them
  • 6,978 new patients, 35 % less than 60 years old and 106 years old. There are 30 years old. There are 250 patients who have better condition out of ICU. Raya.
  • died at the hospital. 5,889 people (357 increase) and 2,189 dead in nursing homes (161 increase) total of 8,078 deaths (518 increase)

A. French public health has allowed both public and private lab, which normally don’t normally perform medical examiner (Clinical Pathology / clinical pathology or diagnosis based on medical laboratory analysis) but enough equipment and personnel can check viral infections. In the right condition, especially lab, research lab, veterinary and provincial lab to increase covid-19 virus infection monitoring.

  1. Important situations in France

2.1 confidence to fix crisis: Press reports that despite this viral epidemic crisis management, the President’s vote has risen from 26 percent (survey results between 30-31 There is. July ) and many polls indicate that president makrong received the highest vote in two years, which is expected to be the reason why people need leadership leaders with leadership and have the crisis. During the visit to the hygienic mask factory on 31 there is. (sighs) July 2563 President makhong has asked all sectors to fight the war (public health). This time by chuslogan “France unie” for the unity of French in the whole country and see that those who started criticizing others while The war has not won an irresponsible person by the French government has always confirmed that it has decided to come out the scientific facts and opinion of public health professionals and can clarify the action on each issue quite clearly.

2.2 economic aid measures: on 5 May. Year 2563 Minister French economy and fiscal have interviewed to the hip. Le Journal du dimanche ensures that the government will continue to protect the people by providing the necessary help. No matter how long the crisis is to prevent the economic system from falling. IN THE LAST 8 days, there are over 1 hundred thousand companies. Income has requested. The government insurance insurance is about 2 billion euros. More Than 5 million people benefit from the suspension measures (chômage partiel) and 450,000 companies have requested to claim subsidy from cuddle state subsidy fund ( Fonds de solidarité). The government can also earn loans in financial markets easily at relatively reasonable interest rates and prepare a plan to support private sector action after ending crisis both national and eu levels to provide private sector ready to start business. First chance.

It also proposed the president and prime minister to the list of 20 major companies that are of strategic importance, but heavily affected by viral epidemic crisis, and offered a solution to solve the impact such as loan insurance, loan, increase, debt recapitalisation (recapitalisation) transfer. The Cuddle States (nationalisation) is temporary, etc. It has repeated that the major companies who have asked for government assistance shall not pay dividends to shareholders and ask other major companies to Reduce Dividend Payment this year at least 1/3 and ask the top executives of the top executives. Companies that the government consider reducing their salary during this period due to suspended employees, but paid only 84 percent of the net salary, which now have a bor. Air France and b. Safran has responded

Incidentally, the minister. Economy and fiscal have provided information that domestic consumption has dramatically decreased. Last week, credit card spending was reduced to 50 percent compared to the same period of last year.

2.3 impact on business sector: after Disneyland Paris announced at the end of March. July To provide a part of the staff suspension and receive salary under chômage partiel system. Pay 16 percent of the employee’s salary to receive full salary until 19 may. Oh, my God. Later, the company asked employees with a term employment contract (contracdée dée - cdd) and technicians who are “Intermittent Du Spectacle” (artists and professional artists and technicians in entertainment industry, film and movies and TV shows hired on demand, production, shows, will be eligible to receive unemployment subsidy if they work for at least 507 hours. Per year) agreed to end the contract and on 3 May. Oh, my God. The company has announced that the end of the contract of one-sided employment to both such employees (number of 700 and 350 persons in order), claiming vis (Force Majeure) according to l section. 1243-1 of the collection of km Labor by employees will not receive any compensation. In this case except for unused rest day compensation (indemnités des congés payés), but the company still allows residents in temporary addresses provided at Disneyland amusement park. Disneyland Paris has a total of 17,000 employees and employs 2,200 cdd employees and 2,000 intermittent du spectacle each year.