Sunday record 21 June Year 2563 (at 14.00 pm )

The Embassy in Paris concludes Covid-19 viral epidemic in France :fr: as follows.

1 ️⃣ Sunday record 21 June Year 2563 (at 14.00 pm )

:arrow_forward: Total of infected patients from Test PCR testing. 160,377 people (284 people increase)

:arrow_forward: Healing at the hospital 9,823 people with the number of patients treated at the hospital. Reduced from the previous day 14 (consecutive day 27)

:arrow_forward: 715 bad condition (equal to the previous day)

:arrow_forward: dead at the hospital 19,183 people (7 increase) and death at nursing home and at social medical center (établissements médico-sociaux) 10,457 (statistic of 16 June 16 Oh my god. Which is Kor. The police. Good night. Data will be updated on 23 June. Oh my god. ) ** Total of 29,640 deaths (7 increase) **

** NOTE **
:arrow_forward: Virus Detection rate from all detection. 1.4 %
:arrow_forward: 81 viral epidemic clusters across the country (1 rise) by 2 provinces who are in the most worrisome situations include Guyane and Mayotte.

2 ️⃣ public health practices in cinema and theatre

On 21 June Year 2563, Minister. French culture has interviewed Europe 1 radio that there won’t be limited to movie and show visitors to half the number of seats in cinema and theater, but there’s one seat between the audience that isn’t the same group and can take off the mask. When I sit in the station, I will consider respite for more public health practices for the month of July. Year 2563 by 10 July July 2563
3 ️⃣ Effects of Covid-19 crisis on Airbus company.

The hip. La Tribune has published the contents of the substance from Mr. Guillaume Faury, President. Airbus company has reached 134,900 employees (48,000 in France / 46,000 in Germany / 13,500 in UK and 12,700 in Spain) to inform details about the company’s action guidelines for Dealing with the effect of the corpses. From Covid-19 crisis before the end of July. July 2563 The company has now reduced production for 2563-2564 to 40 %

Mr. Guillaume Faury believes that airplane travel will return to the level of 2562 as soon as 2566 or in 2568, as a result, the crisis of aviation industry will last longer than expected. The company will have to adapt. And there are more measures to tackle such crisis, including corporate downsizing and reducing employees