Supreme Court : All admissions to PG medical courses in Maharashtra cancelled

  1. Supreme Court : All admissions to PG medical courses in Maharashtra cancelled. Students asked to collect their original documents and fees from institutes!

  2. No clarity for students who took admissions via all india rounds & DNB & thereby got disqualified from state counselling.

  3. This is a WIN of some big proportions, of right over wrong, of sense over sensationalism, of law over politics/hooliganism & merit over caste-privilege !

  4. A big thank you to all the students, their parents & each one of us who participated physically or via thoughts/words over social media.

  5. We have nothing against any particular caste. But we stand together for MERIT & THE DESERVING ONES !

  6. If they allow the disqualified candidates to participate (which they should or it defeats the whole purpose of the win), the closing rank for all branches & for all candidates from India will bear a major shift !!!
    #Murderofmerit -->comes to a grinding halt

When you hve time to type such a long message kindly also do some analysis ani let the maratha people know what should they do now when AI and DNB counselling is over. Due to the wrong govt policies my around 200 brothers and sisters are going to suffer like anything. I just hope that nobody does any irrepairable damage.

Go & protest for your siblings instead of typing such a long reply here

try sying this against sc st canditates if you have gut. Just because we dont have law in our favour stop targetting only one community. Till last year we were also in the same queue. Its not about reservation yes or no its about govt policies. Jis din tujhpe ye time ayegna tab pata chalega.

We fought we won we had guts. Now if u have guts go n fight again. We study. You only have time to fight.

You dont even have a basic sense. How can you make fun of someones miserable condition… You will have to pay for this…

and you cant see our miserable condition ? Poor you. Well You guys are already paying for this !
You guys keep begging for reservation. Mr. Undeserving Dimwit Beggar !