'Surgery in a pill' a potential treatment for diabetes

‘Surgery in a pill’ a potential treatment for diabetes.

  • Over the last decade, bariatric surgeons have made strides in performing weight loss surgery that not only reverses obesity but can also reverse type 2 diabetes in patients with both conditions.

  • Despite dramatic improvements in quality of life and diabetes remission, the number of patients who pursue surgery remains relatively low.

  • Researchers were prompted to find a less invasive but equally effective treatment for reversing type 2 diabetes, one that can offer the same benefits as surgery but that may have wider appeal and application.

  • Researchers reported now on results of a preclinical study in which an oral agent was administered in rats to deliver a substance that could temporarily coat the intestine to prevent nutrient contact with the lining in the proximal bowel and avoid post-meal spikes in blood sugar.

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