Symptoms of suicide inside children

Symptoms of suicide inside children

According to the report of International Health Health (w), more than 13000 people have been committed suicide in Pakistan from 2012 to 2019, while some investigation according to the investigation of the 15 to 29 years of youth in the youth The big reason is suicide.
In newspapers and other media, the incidents of suicide of teen ạy̰jrz, children and youth are enough to warn the parents, the reasons for the events are not just that they are very minor, but are also identified by the fact that it is The decision is not taken by night, but behind it there are signs which are being neglected.
The important thing is that more than 80 % of the young people or children who are thinking of suicide are wanted to know about their suicide trend and try to ‘stop’ them.
How to go to the symptoms of suicide trend in children?

This is the first responsibility of parents to build children’s role in such a way that they can better compete with different situations, it is necessary for the parents to have the social, emotional and physical needs of the children. And take care of love.
It is necessary that parents stay mentally and emotionally alert so they can see or feel the symptoms of suicide inside the children before time.
According to experts, the following are the 7 basic symptoms that are showing the trend of suicide within a child or a young man.

1 found the feelings like helplessness, not hopeless, embarrassing or personal nạpsndy̰dgy̰.
2 changes in sleeping times and mood as well as the trend of living alone
3 the end of interest in friends, activities or hobbies.
4 creating the trend of hurting yourself or others
5 found the symptoms of depression or depression
6 aggressive pin or anger increase
7 mentioning self-dying, disappearing and more.
What should parents do in such a way?

The most important thing is to listen to the problems of the child ‘carefully, make him realize that he is for you and you are the closest and important person in the world’.
It is necessary for parents to establish an open and confident relationship with the children, it is necessary for you to talk with the child as a continuity, during which the child can share their problems and problems with you, this act of yours. The child will give confidence that ‘there is someone who always hears and understands his word’.
Talk on suicide

If there is an incident in the child’s knowledge about suicide, then make it a chance to explain the incident to the child, do not be afraid and do not fear, but encourage the child to express his thoughts and feelings. Shoutout.
Take a feedback from the child circle

Take feedback from your child’s friends, their parents and teachers, especially when you feel children are victim of trouble.
Do team work with baby

Do the team with them to solve the mental, emotional or physical problems of the children, it will be helpful in taking the child out of trouble, sometimes to solve the problem instead of getting your choice. Taking help can also be beneficial.
Remember exams can be more in exams later, the effects of the time ’ love ’ are slowly finished, the child’s unwanted habit can be fine but the child will never come back once.