Target score:260 (250+ is must) coz that will place me 10 points higher than my step 1 score

tep 2 ck score:255

Target score:260 (250+ is must) coz that will place me 10 points higher than my step 1 score.

First of all I am very thankful to this group… Because I have read many experiences in this group,

which helped me to calm my nerves and focus on my target score during preparation (some experiences made me frightened also) nevertheless I got benefit only from positive experiences.

Reason for post:

I promised myself that i will post my experience if i get a score nearer to my practice test scores, so that it might help someone like me ( who needed a lot of motivation during preparation).

Sources: uworld, uworld notes, cms , fa

Duration of prep: 6-7 months (a minimum of 1-2 days relaxation per week)

Step 1 score: 243 (sep 26 2018)

Nbme 6: 25 mistakes (after uworld first pass)

Nbme 7: 28 mistakes ( after uworld first pass and mistakes and uworld notes first pass)

Uwsa 1: 260+ ( after uwolrd second pass 60 percent)

Nbme 8: 260 ( after uworld second pass)

Uwsa 2: 259 ( after uworld second pass and uworld notes second pass)

Real deal: 255

Preparation info:

I started my preparation in first week of April and read {First aid (step 1)} (highly suggested if u got same scenario of mine) for a week to brush up my concepts as there is a lot of gap between my step 1 exam and start of step 2 preparation (September 26 to April first week).

After that I did uworld first time in (tutor mode, system wise, 40 questions per day) and it took 3 months for me to complete uworld (Tip: don’t become tensed while doing uworld , as prep during these days usually moves slowly). After that I gave nbmes 6 and 7 offline that landed me in a confused state of what my scores exactly are…but didn’t bothered about them. I did my uworld mistakes (took 2 weeks) and Read uworld notes for 15 days 60-70 pages per day before giving nbme7.

Then I started uworld second pass (80 questions per day, random and timed) after completing around 60 percent of uworld I gave uwsa 1. It took around 50 days for total completion of uworld second pass (some extra questions were added in uworld during this time). Gave nbme 8, read uworld notes for 10 days and then gave uwsa 2, and finally took my exam after one week of uwsa2.

Exam day:

With friends encouragement and motivation few days before exam I kept myself calm n cool on exam day and had nice sleep for 6 hours at night before exam day. Took break for every block with a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes depending of factors like appetite. urination, backache and fatigue. I came out of exam center with a feeling of relief, exhaustion, headache, but felt like I will get a minimum of 250…. and soon after few hours my mind started remembering the doubtful questions vaguely and half of them were wrong… OH MY GOD

This put me in a situation where I thought that i am not going to score 240+…the situation worsened till my result day and I also got nightmares of failing in exam…. but luckily I survived the storm (I,e. exam day to result day).



feel free to comment below for any suggestions…