TD medical College in alppuzha and I got 642 marks

Hello everyone,

Myself Dipin Padmanabhan

studied mbbs in Govt.TD Medical college in Alappuzha and Got 642 marks in neet pg 2021.
First of all iam a marrow plan B user so the post mainly based on the test series and question bank.While preparing for neet i was thinking about writing this post once i reached a score/rank to write a post like this😁.Its bit lengthier, but if you have time just read❣️I completed internship in 2020, so like most of the students…
Thinking of starting prepare for neet after completing internship.
Preparing for pg entrance is bit costly, so that i saved some money for that during internship😁But the things changed while i was coming to home from college after intership. Met with an accident, because i slept in bike while driving(just because corona19 road was empty so i was able to write this post now…Thanks to corona😅)So the amount i saved for the preapartion was spended on the vehicle and literally i was left with 11000 rupees.My seniors who got admission in various colleges for pg suggested me about plan B(i mean almost everyone). So i was totally confused
I checked the plans, 10k for plan B 9 months. i think If i buy that what left me was 1000.At the end of confusions i just clicked on buy now with closed eyes​:sweat_smile:.For all those who are preparing for entrance there will be one moment of magic, for me its was this decision of taking marrow even i was in a difficult time.I was literally wondered the way the app was made​:heavy_heart_exclamation:The marrow qbank is pure​:heartpulse::heartpulse:.
The way the modules arranged and the way of asking questions like the way we are reading our notes…The tricky questions preapared for think us twice before marking answer.
I was seeing marrow Gts as gold standard during prepartion, because while i sit infront of lap and doing Gt i always feel exactly iam giving an original exam, so given each Grand test as important and asses my preparation through the progress.
Ups and down will be there… May be take much time from that down to reach upBut believe in ourself and believe in marrow… Result will always :heartpulse:.
Neet pg 2020 - 87000
May aiims 2020 - 18000
November inicet- 1094
May 2021 inicet - 1217
Neet pg 2021 - 642 marks
Even if some marrow Gts are higher level, It make us to do every exam even if its easy moderate or hard, because no body knows how will be the exam❣️This was what i tought from the Gts.

Once again thank you marrow💗 for the wonderful app for the preparation.