Team Aarogya, five MBBS students at Patan Academy of Health Sciences(PAHS)

Team Aarogya, five MBBS students at Patan Academy of Health Sciences(PAHS), are one of the top 5 winning teams of Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2020 co-hosted by UNICEF and UNDP, and supported by King’s College and

Team Aarogya aims to co-create an atmosphere where people talk about their Mental Health issues and seek professional help without any hesitation which thereby reduces the risk of depression and suicide.

Aarogya pursues to
● Establish a culture of sharing emotions by respecting each other’s privacy
● Inculcate the help-seeking behavior in school going adolescent
● Make them aware of mental health issues which makes them able to recognize the issues and helps them to deal with it.
● Conduct extensive surveys and publish research papers which draw the attention of policymakers and concerned authorities.

They have successfully completed their three months incubation.
Sticking to the motto of promotion of mental well-being of school-going adolescents,
they firstly conducted orientation for the students of Oxford Practical English School and CVM Secondary School on the basics of “Mental Health” with field expert Psychiatrist Dr.Bigya Shah;
followed by a Case-Vignette Discussion session so that their knowledge can be refined.

After that, they conducted orientation sessions for the parents and teachers on Common Mental Illnesses, Parenting and adolescents-dealing techniques after which they formed Students Circle in every class.

They are establishing a favorable platform through this for the students to vent out their emotions, experiences and sufferings in the form of letters anonymously which is then read out by one of the appointed students in every week’s readout sessions in the most empathetic and supporting atmosphere. Beneath some issues because of total virtualization of their work, they are very much overwhelmed with the positive responses, support and participation they received from the students and their parents.

The team members are Sarmita Shrestha, Neena Vaidya, Preeti Kumari Sah, Kamana Neupane and Shitanshu Dhakal.