Terrible dream and body paralyzed! Satanic powers or medical problem, what is the solution?

Terrible dream and body paralyzed! Satanic powers or medical problem, what is the solution?

Many people in the world complain about being paralyzed for some time in sleep and it is a very scary moment-in this moment a man can not move his body nor scream - This condition is called sleep paralysis -

Most people explain it to the influence of the devil’s powers, while some people it is due to lack of blood-but what is the reality of all this and what does science say about this? Let’s know -

The victim of this terrible condition is usually people between 16 and 45 years old-in this you wake up because of a terrible dream but in this condition half of the castes and half asleep -

In the moments of being paralyzed in sleep, a man is not able to move his muscles, and for a few moments he doesn’t even have the ability to speak-it is like your mind is awake Is but your body is sleeping and such a status is called rem sleep-it shows people a very strange feeling or cheating scene -

According to experts, it happens when they wake up at the wrong time and half of your half of your wake up and half gold process is not complete-even your pathy are sleeping which your chest problems also included - this is the reason why the victims of this condition have trouble breathing and they feel heavy burden on the chest-at that time you can’t even call someone because even call someone because your mouth is also Not Working -

Most people see terrible scenes during this time while some say they feel a heavy weight chest that doesn’t even see -

Amazing fact is that the people of the whole world who have no contact with each other, have seen the same thing and have passed through the same sleep stroke experiences. Most people say they are one at this time The old woman is seen who laughs scary and celebrating happiness -

Sleep stroke in medical competition is very powerful because there is no clear explanation about it yet.

Common reasons for sleep stroke according to estimates:
Insufficient sleep
Too much mental pressure or stress or restlessness
Too heavy food or more use of sweet food
Use of drugs or drug drugs
Being victim of psychological problems
Having pain in legs at night

Precautions or treatment to protect this:
Try to stay calm
Use healthy foods
Take full sleep
Avoid watching terrible movies before sleeping at night

During a research, it has been revealed that most people also get this disease in heritage-other people of their family can also be victim of this disease -