Test for confirming Cessation of Circulation

Test for confirming Cessation of Circulation

1. Auscultation for heart sounds

→ No audible heart sounds on continuous auscultation on precordial area of chest for a minimum of 5min & a flat ECG recording for 5minconfirms this.

2. Magnus’s test (Ligature test)

→ Fingers fail to show congestion distal to a ligature applied at their base.

3. Diaphanous test (Transillumination test)

→ Failure to show redness in web space b/w fingers on transillumination.

4. I card’s test

→ Fluorescent dye on being injected at a given site in a dead body fails to produces any discolouration

5. Fingernail test

→ No blanching & filling of blood in fingernail on pressure & release.