Textbook of Pathology with Harsh Mohan 6th Edition

Textbook of Pathology with Harsh Mohan 6th Edition of textbook is accompanied with the new revised baby-book popular with many students and interns. This book has been found profoundly useful by the students just before practical examination to face viva voce when they need to revise huge course content in a short time, or by those preparing to take postgraduate entrance examinations.

The revision work was indeed a mammoth task to accomplish and would not have been possible without active cooperation friends and colleagues and continuous encouragement from well-wishers in general, and my departmental staff in particular who could bear with me for prolonged spells of my sabbatical leave. All the photomicrographs included in the present edition have been exposed afresh.

All the chapters and topics in Textbook of Pathology with Harsh Mohan 6th Edition have undergone thorough revision and updating of various aspects, including contemporary diagnostic modalities. While most of the newer information has been inserted between the lines, a few topics have been rewritten, e.g. current concepts on cell injury, immunopathology, carcinogenesis, newer infectious diseases, lymphomas-leukaemias, hypertension, interstitial lung diseases, etc. to name a few. In doing so, the basic accepted style of the book —simple, easy-to-understand and reproduce the subject matter, and emphasis on clarity and accuracy, has not been disturbed. Past experience has shown that the readers find tables on contrasting features and listing of salient features as a very useful medium for quick learning; considering their utility 15 new tables have been added in different chapters in the revised edition.