Thank you for your support during my FMGE exam in 2024


Thank you for your support during my FMGE exam in 2024, where I scored 202 marks. My journey with Prepladder began in July 2020 with a single subject subscription for PSM taught by Dr. Vivek Jain. In November 2020, I purchased the entire Prepladder plan and synchronized semester subjects with Prepladder subjects. I didn’t just read the subjects; I focused on improving my concepts and applied them clinically.

During a two-month vacation period, I dedicated time to non-clinical subjects like anatomy and physiology. However, amidst my studies, my mother was diagnosed with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) and hypertension, which was devastating news for us. One of my friends helped us cope during this difficult time. Upon the nephrologist’s advice, I underwent a family screening for ADPKD and discovered I had 7-8 cysts in each kidney along with multiple uric acid stones. While I was concerned, my main worry was for my mother.

Despite these challenges, I continued my preparation. However, during my morning walks, I experienced palpitations, and one day, I fainted. This prompted me to seek medical attention again, leading to the diagnosis of posterior leaflet mitral valve prolapse. The nephrologist prescribed Metoprolol 25mg for six months, and later, due to dyspnea while climbing stairs, the cardiologist switched me to Nebivolol 2.5mg OD, which I still take daily.

I managed to complete my syllabus by June 2022, with the intention of taking the exam in December 2022. However, the NMC introduced a new rule barring those who received their degree after July 30, 2022, from taking the exam. This news left us feeling depressed. We had two options: file a case in the Supreme Court against the NMC or wait for an internship in China. We opted for the latter, and during the waiting period, I assisted in the orthopedic and obstetrics-gynecology departments of a family doctor’s clinic, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In March 2023, we began our internship in China, balancing hospital duties with continued studies until December 2023. The stressful conditions took a toll, leading to frustration in January. Despite the post-exam side effects, I was pleased with my good score.

The journey has been challenging, but I’m grateful for the support and opportunities along the way.

Thank you Deepak Marwah sir , Pritesh Singh sir , Meenakshi Bothra Gupta mam , Preeti Shrma mam and Akhilesh Raj sir .

Sir , Pritesh Singh sir thank you

You Went Through A Really Tough And Heartbreaking Journey! Your Determination Is Highly Appreciable! Hope Your Mother Is Good! They All Must Be Really Proud Of You! Wish You Good Luck Ahead!