The advantages of watermelon

the advantages of watermelon :point_right:

Allah has created countless blessings to drink the food of man and some of them are the ability to fulfill the shortage of food and water.
One of them is the same as the trbwzjw and the factors are filled with nutrition, but it is only the thirst of the diet, but it is the only end of the hunger.
Well, its unlimited benefits, however, some of them are telling you.
:point_left: full of Vitamin C and a:
There are only 466 ḵy̰lwry̰z in watermelon, but there are vitamin C, a and many healthy factors that are very important to the body.
:point_left: Fulfill Water Reduction:
Water is the most important for body and everyday at least the body needs eight class water. Watermelon is the best alternative of water because there are 92 % quantity of water in it. That’s why it’s the lack of water in the body There is a helper to take away.
:point_left: reduces weight.
If you are upset with your more weight, use watermelon because it is very low of the amount of ḵy̰lwry̰z while the watermelon includes water and fiber special quantity of the body provides full diet volume and the ḵy̰lwry̰z are less than the least -
:point_left: full of nutrition:
Watermelon is full of nutrition, its a cup of Vitamin C, a, magnesium, potassium, vitamin b one, b five and b sḵy̰s that are extremely useful to the body.
:point_left: Save Cancer:
Watermelon also includes factors that are helpful to protect man from deadly illness like cancer. According to a research, the amount of ḵwḵrby̰ٹnạsn e and ly̰wpy̰y̰n reduces cancer ḵےkẖẓrے.
:point_left: useful for the heart:
The heart that is considered an important factors of the body, the watermelon is very useful for it. Its use keeps heart safe from lots of diseases. This time the heart diseases around the world are a big reason of death but watermelon Such a fruit that reduces cholesterol and blood pressure level, it reduces the risk of heart tour too.
:point_left: Watermelon Ḵạjws:
Watermelon Juice is also very useful to the body, the included factors provide energy to the body. It is useful for the body after exercise according to research.
Useful for skin and hair:
The benefits of watermelon are not only for the internal of the body, but it is very useful for external beauty. The use of watermelon and the hair is beautiful.