The american psychiatric association (apa)

I feel truly honored and humbled to receive the “Resident Recognition Award” from none other than THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (APA):sunglasses::sunglasses::grinning::grinning:

This award is presented annually to outstanding psychiatry residents or fellows who exemplifies one or more APA values:

  1. Compassion, as evidenced by exemplary patient care and/or compassion to colleagues and in the workplace.

  2. Leadership, as evidenced by leadership roles in individual residency programs, at the District Branch level, and/or at the national level

  3. Community service on the local or national level.

  4. Political action on behalf of their patients, profession, and/or community.

  5. Clinical excellence, as evidenced by exemplary patient care.

Quoting Dr. Mayekar as his words articulately represent what I want to convey, "I can confidently say, that the biggest reason for why I’m here — is my attitude. I took every opportunity that came my way, and never allowed my circumstances to shake my faith. I dreamed; dreamed big and believed with unwavering faith that I WOULD MAKE IT. There was no bitterness, only love and positivity and that’s my advice — you can achieve absolutely anything, if you only keep your eyes on the dream and not let anything in your present shake your faith — it’s all yours to achieve.”