The book is only for graduate students

The book is only for graduate students

This book is your next step after finishing the baccalaureate books, therefore you should be familiar with the baccalaute women and childbirth book before opening this book because it has not been exposed to much basic science so it does not increase its size

The book is designed to put you on the path to pass the most difficult tests that are based on great science and experience together

The book is based on American Guidelines and aptodite, thus all topics are covered practically and in depth not just the Guidelines

The book has information Uptodate, meaning you won’t need to share your information from any other source

This book helps you to open any other source of reading including bookmothers like William, Dohurst, Novak, Cumberhensf, and Carnt, and you’ll feel this feeling quickly without being exposed to the contractions and bruises in these books

If you’ve been memorized by a previous source and find it difficult to organize your information to level up practically, it’s The Bullet’s role

This book will elevate your level so much even if you are tickets for your business profit not for exams

The most important chapter in the book for those who study for the benefit of practical life is the chapter of surgery because this is the most important thing we work on and you will find the answer to many questions that were running in your head without answers

The book is not often exposed to theoretical information that is not rich and fattened by hunger and science is not important, instead it focuses on practical information and the most vulnerable to advanced test questions without repetition, and you will not find any sentence without this concept because every sentence written in the book is written very carefully without stuffing other Useful

The book is aimed at Master, Ph.D., Fellowships and Boards students that depend on the American system and the aptodite and to pass work permit exams like Pearson View and DHA

Inshallah after serious study of this book no MCQ exam will stand in your way that depends on the American system

The book has too many pictures to connect what you read practically

The very important points repeated in MCQ questions have been colored in red to distinguish it from the rest of the content

Tables with direct tips on how to solve case scenarios have been added

The book contains the most repeated scenarios of questions that make your head hot from thinking in search of the right answer

I confirm again that the book is not pizak and is not suitable for theoretical exams, which needs a new pen to enter the committee to remove it because it does not contain theoretical information but it focuses on the traps of questions that are exposed to in MCQ, Case scenarios, oral exams & OSCE exams