The causes and cure of heart disease :::

The causes and cure of heart disease :::


The heart and heart are not the same thing. The device that is running blood throughout your body is heart. And the heart is your heart. So heart disease is not only meant to be a heart disease. Mental Health is also responsible for heart disease. Excess stress, high blood pressure, and diabetes increases the risk of heart disease.

Medical scientists claim - men have more risk of heart attack than women. After Women’s menstrual period is closed and at the age of forty years, there is a risk of heart disease.

🖲🖲 heart disease is usually two types

  1. Birth Heart disease

  2. Other symptoms of heart disease

🖲🖲 the reason for being heart disease ➡

What is the need to know about what is the woman who is the disease of heart disease or heart disease or how the disease is made. Heart heart between two lungs in our chest. Even though the heart is working for blood throughout the body, it is interesting that it is enough oxygen and nutrients to keep your own cells healthy and productive. Women or blood supply of the heart of the heart. This is the result of women’s heart disease. Due to continuous wrong living, cholesterol plaza or yellow cart is born on the walls of the heart. Due to the loss of blood running through the earth, the process of reaching oxygen and nutrition throughout the body. This process is called heart disease. As a result, the pain is felt in the chest.

When needed more awareness

  • if diabetes

  • If anyone has heart disease

  • the habit of smoking

  • the rule of cholesterol or fat national matter in blood

  • Extra weight or fat

  • lack of physical work

  • High blood pressure

  • Arthritis Fever

When will you go to the doctor 🖲

  • if you walk some distance, working hard or climbing stairs, the chest felt pain.

  • if you have pain and breath in the chest.

  • I’ve been back back for a long time.

  • you’re faint again and again.

  • if you got water in your feet.

  • this pain may be felt even if there is severe stress. Then the doctor has to take advice.

  • if you have diabetes and high blood pressure.

🖲 whatever to do

The right life vision and awareness is needed for health. If you are aware of food and life, the risk of heart disease is possible to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. The effects of mental stress are noticeable in the causes of heart disease. Too much mental pressure is affected by the heart. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you many many happy returns of the day.

  2. Walking is the best exercise. Make a habit of walk at least 30 minutes per day.

  3. Science food heart device