The causes of heart attacks are many and varied

Heart attack: the 6 symptoms to watch for

The causes of heart attacks are many and varied: smoking, fat and sugary diets, sedentary, addictions… Heart attacks or heart attacks can brutally strike you without any alarming history. However, it is possible to detect worrying symptoms ahead of time, to avoid the worst.


Inflammation in the joints, especially in the legs, feet and ankles.

Shortness of breath and breathing difficulties: This often happens when the heart fails to function normally. Lungs are badly irrigated, and this causes respiratory distress.

Vertigo: If blood circulation encounters obstacles, vertigo can quickly make you dizzy.


Fatigue: When the arteries tighten, physical fatigue is felt strongly.

Chest pain: the most obvious symptom. These pains need to be monitored by a specialist.

To best prevent heart attack, eat healthy, practice regular sports, avoid excessive consumption of tobacco, alcohol at all costs, and ban narcotics. Practice a hobby that is good for you and ideally stimulates the body and mind. Surround yourself with your loved ones, those who are kind hearted of course, and those who love you. Ban toxic relationships if possible, and seek help if daily anxiety is preventing you from moving forward peacefully in life.