The coming out is a painful palm full of malaxi

Kasoobax (Boils or Furunculosis)

The coming out is a painful palm full of malaxi.
That financials make under the skin / skin / skin / skin when bacteria is sick where the hair comes out. It’s the bottom of the hair.

The fence can be made in any body, but mostly seen in the face, neck, clips, knees, knees, knees and knees.

The outing of the music ends in about 14 days.

Out of Signs

Finan or a small hole with a small hole, see:
• They grow fast, usually within 24 hours
• It’s red, yellow or high white
• It comes out of the dhee or what when it destroys it
• She learn
• She is warm
• It has pain

What brings back from coming back?

A few things can lead to a few times that are close to the wounds of the wounds and including:

1-that the wound has reached the body in other places which brings to places in front of those who are like them.
2-that your body doesn’t have to endure bacteria to bring out the skin that can cause the pain and come back to you.
3-that you don’t take enough medicine for you, which brings to bacteria when it is enough that the pain can cause you to get out of wound.

Do you believe in the mistakes of somalis?

Not to take a dryer to these wounds which some people believe that the mortgage is drying and the body does not come out or that the wound is going back inside, and that is not healthy.

The body of Allah is intended to get rid of what is dangerous, if the time is more information about the body defense, it is important to take medicine to fight and stop competing or spreading.

Some people also believe that someone who is injured can’t go to his wife otherwise he will pass the pain, and that is not right and doesn’t count the pain of sex.

Some people also believe that the oil or the sheep is not welcomed to the people who are injured and that is not right.

How can it be prevented or oppressed?

• Prevent your body and clean, wash the soap with the killer murderer.
• Don’t throw the mouth and don’t throw it. Bacteria can spread the body near this fink, which can bring another punch.
• Right warm and clean several times a day to fall.

Go to the doctor if you see yourself:

• That signs are getting worse
• Finan very painful
• Fin without at least 14 days
• Fin very wide
• Bad, fever
• A lot of fun
• Red weakness came out of the fin.
This can mean that the pain has reached your blood.