The communication system of the whole world is running through these wires

We sometimes they hear that the internet has not been able to walk or walk through the internet cable being spoiled inside the sea, did you ever think what a cable is this…? Who fixed this cable on the deep floor of the sea …? How does this cable work…? and how expensive is this cable…?

The communication system of the whole world is running through these wires. These cables are called fiber optic cables. These cables are made of high types of glass or plastic instead of silver or copper. This cable has three wires. The upper side means the rubber bottom is called the cover cover. The Middle Protective Basement is called the ḵạڈliḵ codlick and the middle bottom is the one that is actually useful to the core of the small cables that are actually useful. Core core is called core. Cables Have a set and every cable has hundreds of subtle glasses or plastic trays. These intake are as much as thickness of human hair.

You will know what is the fastest thing in this universe…? The fastest thing in the universe is the fastest thing in which the speed is less than 300,000 km per second while the total distance between Pakistan and America is 12373 It is kilometer that a ray of light takes the journey from Pakistan to America before the seconds of a second.

Our topic is not light our subject is fiber optic cable but I want to tell you how a fiber optic cable actually works and how it transfer so fast data imagine I am posting this writing on my computer When I will post this in the world, wherever my friends are there, everyone will be able to see it. How is it possible?

As I have already told that a fiber optic cable is not the wire of any silver or copper etc. There are thousands of types of glass and plastic, and these are the fastest source of our data access. .
When I shared my post, this data will be in light before the help of a special transmitter, then it will enter the fiber optic cable, when this data will enter this cable, it will travel as speed as the speed of light. Thousands of types of data can travel at the same time from a line of cable.

There are three types of fiber optic cable.
1: 288 Count Fiber
This is the most expensive type in the world which is about 5.87 $ / fit
2: 144 Count Fiber
Price 2.98 $/ fit
3: 24 Count Fiber
The price is 0.68 $/ fit…

This cable is also spread in the deep layers of the seas, and the earth is buried in the ground by digging a pit in the ground, while in the sea it is required to lay it in the sea, on which there is a huge line. Where the fiber optic cable is wrapped up, then a cable lever which is tied to the sea by the ship, is the cable of the cable that is on the top of the sea, and it is covered with a special order on the floor of the sea. This Lever Cable is running.
It is used only on the smooth sea floor. Another electric device is used to lay the cable on the sea rock, which is used to save the cable swimming in the water.

These fiber optic cables are called the biggest source of connecting the whole world.

All the countries of the world receive each other’s communication system through these fiber optic cables.