The diseases of the eyes

The Health of eyes

The eye is one of the most delicate and most delicate organs of our body. It is very important that it is our most important sense. So the health of the eyes is to be ḵwy̰qy̰ny̰. The factors that lead to the health of the eyes are as follows:
1-Ghalib eyes
2 the upper ppwٹے of the eye (Gwạnjny̰)
5 being the eye-eye


Most of the eye diseases are not completely clear. But its reasons and dangerous factors are listed below:

  • Ghalib eyes _ bacterial and viral infection
  • Eye Upper Ppwٹے (Gwạnjny̰) _ bacterial infection
  • the nerves of the eyes of the eyes of bھy̰ngạpn _ eyes
  • Mạy̰wpy̰ạ _ eye ḵạbہt more bڑạہwnạ
  • tears in tears due to tears of tears and lack of tears due to
  • IRIS _ age
  • Glwḵwmạ _ increase in the eyes


The following symptoms are observed in the diseases of the eyes:

  • the eyes of the eyes, the eyes of the eyes, the itching, the eye, the itching
  • the upper ppwٹے of the eye (Gwạnjny̰) _ ppwٹے prswjn, in which sometimes there is no pain
  • Bھy̰ngạpn _ eyes ḵạbے purpose, srjھḵnạ, double vision
    I am unable to see you, I have to see you.
  • being eyes _ itching, lack of tears, jealousy, jealousy
  • IRIS _ Lens is the cause of obstruction of the perspective due to the reason of
  • Glwḵwmạ _ vision error, headache, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes and eyes

Diagnosis and treatment

Medical inspection is very important for the diagnosis of eye diseases. The following techniques of common inspections are used:

  • Ạsny̰lns chart
  • test through ạwptھạlmwạsḵwp
  • Fnڈwạsḵwpy̰

The diseases of the eyes
In the following ways:

  • Ghalib eyes _ Anti-oxidants eye drop
  • Eye Top Ppwٹے (Gwạnjny̰) _ remove, surgical removal
  • Bھy̰ngạpn _ ḵwrmy̰tھڈ
  • Mạy̰wpy̰ạ _ glasses
  • eyes to be tired _ drops of eyes
  • IRIS _ deactivating lens ḵwہٹạnạ
  • Glwḵwmạ _ medicines like prwsٹạgly̰nڈns, by̰ٹạblạḵrz, mạỷy̰wٹḵ agent, ḵạrbnḵ ạy̰nہạỷڈrs ạnہy̰by̰ٹrz