The fat on the tongue makes the reason to disrupt the sleep '

The fat on the tongue makes the reason to disrupt the sleep ’

A fresh research has been known that when people sleep while sleeping, the relationship of sleep in sleep can be made of fat on their tongue.
The researchers say that the patients who complain about sleep due to the disease of ‘sleep ạpnwy̰ạ’, when the weight is reduced and the fat fat is blend on the tongue, it seems to be far away.
The disease named ‘sleep ạpnwy̰ạ’ is common and it can be shaken with a loud sound of the sound of the breath, breathing out loud, and can be shaken in a deep sleep.
The victim of mwٹạpے is more thick and bigger than people.
You live in slow and sleep in the day by interrupting sleep at night, which can affect your life.
The respiratory tract of the patient is partially closed or completely closed during the sleep in the most common complaint.
For those who are fat or their neck is thick or the neck or throat or the throat, they complain more about the sleep.
The Py̰nslwy̰ny̰ạ University team says that other people with thick language can also be complained to not sleep deep and sleep.

The researchers are now trying to know which low-Grease food can be helpful to reduce the fat of the language.
In the us state of Philadelphia, the author of the prlmy̰n school of medicine and the author of this research, Dr. Richard Sẖwạb said, " if you take with the help of speaking, eating and breathing language, then why the fat is frozen on the tongue

They said more, ’ it is not clear now why, it may cause hereditary and environmental as well, but when fat is less then the tongue will be less likely to stop the throat and it will not spoil your sleep. - ’
Those patients who have this complaint should be inclined to the doctors. The Cap Machine can be used to remove the complaint that is very softly through a mask that was put on the face while sleeping. And fill the mouth with which your breath is peeled.

The research cars of the university of py̰nslwy̰ny̰ạ in the university of py̰nslwy̰ny̰ạ inspected 57 patients who were victim of mwٹạpے and who reduced 30 % of weight due to which the symptoms of this disease are less than 30 % Went.
Reviewing the respiratory tract of patients, they know how their condition is better.
Due to weight loss, the thickness of the muscles of the patient is also less, which helps to chewy and the breath of the breath of the breath also helps to relieve the problem of breathing while sleeping while sleeping.
Dr. Sẖwạb said that now when we know that the thickness of the tongue is a cause of sleep bad and it can be treated by lowering the fat of the tongue, then it has found a way of treatment of the disease which Didn’t know first.

This research has been published in the American Medical Magazine ‘ry̰spy̰ry̰ٹry̰ and clinical care medicine’.
The Director of British Institute of British Lngz Foundation Dr. Nick ہWpḵnsn says that it is necessary to lose weight because it may cause a complaint to stop breathing.