The following is an antiapoptotic gene

The following is an antiapoptotic gene -

    1. Bax
    1. Bad
    1. Bcl-X
    1. Bim

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Clinical importance of these genes.

  1. Inhibition of apoptosis results in uncontrolled cell proliferation and cancer.
  • Human papilloma virus and cervical cancer.

  • P53 protein is proapoptotic gene, i.e., it induces apoptosis.

  • HPV produce a protein E6 that binds and inactivates p53 → ↓ Apoptosis → ↑ Cell survival and growth → Cervical carcinoma.

  • EBV and B-cell lymphoma

  • EBV produces a protein like BCL-2.

  • BCL-2 inhibits apoptosis → B - cell lymphoma.

  • Some other B-cell lymphomas also have high expression of BCl - 2.

  • Melanoma

  • In this tumor, there is decreased expression of Apaf-1.

  • Apaf-1 is an antiapoptotic protein, Its decreased expression induce apoptosis and malignancy.

  1. Ionizing radiations and cytotoxic drugs cause DNA damage and induce apoptosis via tumor suppressor gene p53.