The great scientific project of the Orthopedic Surgery department

The great scientific project of the Orthopedic Surgery department in Banha after the end of the teaching course, God willing, the Almighty, mid-February

BENHA Online Case Based Disscussion Program for all national and international orthopaedic doctors from all over the world.

The proposed time for the major scientific project, one year to a half, God willing, started from the beginning of March 2021.

All Senior and Junior orthopaedic surgeons are invited to present their cases.

Participation is available for all orthopedic surgeons from different universities and hospitals in Egypt, Arab countries and all countries in the world.

Each panelists will be one of the top bone masters in the specialty that will be announced before it.

Cases will be received for the presentation starting from the beginning of February, God willing, the most suitable cases will be selected by organising committee, and the virtuous colleague will be informed to present his case on the specific day.

Inshallah, a global science project will soon come out to light and sponsor our grand house, the Egyptian Orthopedic Surgery Association, the most prestigious and greatest bone association in the Arab world.

Stay tuned for more news, my honorable brothers.