The greatest of the world-19 spread the world is in the world today

The greatest of the world-19 spread the world is in the world today. Some very developed countries are still giving up if some nations have won the victory over yes. In Nepal also the order of the patient-19 is also going to increase day by day and the number of death is in the body. In this situation, it is very sad to hear the incident of the health workers who have been far away from their home family without flow of their health.

Meanwhile, a sick person who was treatment at the ICU of butwal of butwal, has returned home after the 16th day of his treatment. She was sick of type 1 Diabetes and was looking at covid-19 positive as well as health condition was serious. DM type1 with Dwarka-19 sick of 19 was treated by keeping her in the corner for 3 days. It is probably nepal’s first success to return home after treatment of intubated covid-19 positive case treatment. The Senior Physics brothers, who worked in the treatment of the patient, Dr. Beauty Thapa, Dr. Nanda Pathak, Dr. Dinesh Gautam, ēnēsthēsiyōlōjisṭ dr. Congratulations and best wishes to Sameer Acharya, medical officer, all the nursing staff and all the people who have been involved in direct and direct and direct. Especially the sacrifice for everyone’s work and profession is very appreciated. I am very proud to have all these people in the treatment of covid-19 patients.

I wish that Nepal should soon win over the Congress. My respect and best wishes to all the health workers in different areas of the country.

  • Dr. Yogesh Pandey Yogesh Pandey y
    Lucy Regional Hospital, butwal.