The hidden speciality for Doctors that they are not made to even think of

Entering the medical field, the most important MCQ is

You want to be a Surgeon or Physician ?


Red pill - Become a Surgeon
Blue pill - Become a Physician

What if i told you there is another pill, that has never been taught to us that we can take it whilst choosing the one of the primary pills above.

Yellow pill - ENTREPRENEUR

We are tamed like lab rats to believe that our paths are tunnelled to either this or that and spend another 5-10 years of higher studies and earn a meagre salary when compared with other non-medical field counterparts. We are too much invested in the anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, Investigations and treatment methods. Not stating we should be cut shorting our surf through these vital concepts but have this idea that we can make something out of this whilst we are studying these concepts and understanding them.

A space engineer has made a bio-wearable for monitoring metabolic fitness levels and its making strides in the upcoming technologies.

He was a fitness enthusiast as well and though he maintained the physical side of the workout routine, he didn’t give much thought to the nutritional side of the workout.

One research paper (Our medical research paper) by Csill et al., sparked him to see a pattern - Exogenous ketone supplements improved motor performance in preclinical rodent models.

Clemente roped in few people from various startups and companies - Sam Corcos from Car dash, Dr.Casey Means (Stanford trained surgeon and biomedical researcher), David Flinner and Andrew Conner from google.

LEVELS entered Beta program in 2020 with an annual memebership of 199 USD. This has been used notably by marathon runners to business executives in their mid 30s to prevent them from developing the metabolic disorder -Diabetes.

In later part of 2020, it attracted interests from Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph and Dick Costolo, ex CEO of twitter received a major funding of about 12 million USD.

This startup is just getting started. Its going to be huge in coming years, whether to improve performance by athletes or used by a commoner to monitor his blood sugar levels on a daily basis to stay free of the diabetic clasps.

The reason for coming up with this success story is that, in India we are still made to believe a PG in an end speciality is the only way ahead. Not to scupper your ambitions, be whatever you wanna be but do have a lid open on what is happening around in the world of technology as its moving a whole new level ahead with Metaverse and virtual worlds.

Do read all the etiopathologies, symptoms, signs, investigations and treatment modalities for innumerable diseases but do have a third eye open with a view in what way can we optimize the technology to a greater good in various diseases and disorders and prevent it from happening. If you are lucky, you could soar to the top very fast.


It’s high time doctors, did take laptops for more than just doing case presentations and seminars. There is a vast opportunity upcoming with virtual reality trying to be the next big thing the world has seen. So it’s better we do not lose out on the gold waiting to be mined

Source : @austinschless (twitter)