The hyaluronic acid gel can be used for non-surgical

Uses of Fillers in Ophthalmic Practice:

Paralytic lagophthalmos:

The hyaluronic acid gel can be used for non-surgical

management of lagophthalmos in cases where return of facial nerve function is anticipated or poor surgical candidates ,with significant improvement in lagophthalmos and exposure keratopathy.

Upper eyelid contouring:

HA fillers can be used for generalised/medial upper lid hollow and post-blepharoplasty upper lid show.

Congenital lid malpositions:

HA fillers can temporarily correct upper or lower eyelid retraction, cicatricial and involutional ectropion, euryblepharon, epiblepharon, and abnormalities associated with a shallow orbit.

Anophthalmic socket and phthisical eyes:

Orbital volume augmentation can be achieved with injection of HA fillers.


Static wrinkles and furrows between the eyebrows are best treated through injection of HA filler.


Aging leads to drooping and receding of Brow. It is treated by filling across the lateral brows starting just below the cilia towards the supraorbital notch, and thereby elevating the superolateral margin. Effect of brow elevation can be increased by using Botox simultaneously.

Crow’s Feet:

Typically the crow’s feet are treated by use of Botox, but inferior lines are treated with HA filler where the skin is resuspended over the

zygomatic convexity induced by the use of fillers.

Tear Troughs:

It is the inferior hollow periorbital area usually on medial side but also may be present laterally.