The minimum criteria of PID

the minimum criteria of PID @sakshiarora mam

Diagnosis is primarily based on clinical findings.further diagnostic tests help confirm the diagnosis, especially in ambiguous cases

Important diagnostic criteria :

  1. patient history - most often a sexually active young woman

  2. Lower abdominal pain

  3. vaginal examination :

  • cervical motion tenderness : severe cervical pain elicited by pelvic examination

  • uterine and /or adnexal tenderness

  • purulent,bloody cervical and /or vaginal discharge

Hi, Aprajita Paul,

The CDC recommends instituting empiric treatment of PID when a sexually active young woman who is at risk for STI has pelvic or lower abdominal pain, no identifiable cause for her illness other than PID, and, on pelvic examination, or more of the following minimal criteria

Cervical motion tenderness
Uterine tenderness
Adnexal tenderness.

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