The most common cutaneous cysts

Epidermoid Cyst

→ Epidermoid cysts represent the most common cutaneous cysts.

→ Occur most frequently on the face, scalp, neck, and trunk.


→ Proliferation of epidermal cells within a circumscribed space of the dermis.

Clinical Features:

→ Epidermoid cysts are usually asymptomatic.

→ Discharge of a foul-smelling “cheeselike” material may be described.

→ Inflamed or infected cyst, results in pain and tenderness.

→ Appear as flesh–colored-to-yellowish, firm, round nodules of variable size.

→ A central pore or punctum may be present.

Cut gross specimen revealed cheesy material. | Download Scientific DiagramEpidermal Inclusion Cyst Clinical Presentation: History, Physical Examination