The most common partern of fingerprint is?

Question 1: In a firearm injury, there is burning, blackening, tatttooing
around the wound, along with cherry red colour of the surronding tissues
and is cruciate in shape, the injury is ?
A) Close shot entry
B) Close contact exit
C) Contact shot entry
D) Distant shot entry
Answer: C) Contact shot entry

Question 2: In methyl alcohol poisoning there is CNS depression, cardiac
depression and optic nerve atrophy. These effects are produced due to ?
A) Formaldehyde and formic acid
B) Acetaldehyde
C) Pyridine
D) Acetic acid
Answer: A) Formaldehyde and formic acid

Question 3: In chronic arsenic poisoning the following samples can be sent
for laboratory examination, except ?
A) Nail clippings
B) Hair samples
C) Bone biopsy
D) Blood sample
Answer: D) Blood sample

Question 4: Which of the following statements is not correct regarding
diatom ?
A) Diatoms are aquatic unicellular plant
B) Diatoms has an extracellular coat composed of magnesium
C) Acid digestion technique is used to extract diatoms
D) Presence of diatoms in the femoral bone marrow is an indication of
antemortem inhalation of water
Answer: B) Diatoms has an extracellular coat composed of magnesium

Question 5: In India, magistrate inquest is done in the following cases,
except ?
A) Exhumation cases
B) Dowry deaths within 5 years of marriage
C) Murder cases
D) Death of a person in police custody
Answer: C) Murder cases

Question 6: At autopsy, the cyanide poisoning case will show the following
features, except ?
A) Characteristic bitter lemon smell
B) Congested organs
C) The skin may be pinkish or cherry red in colour
D) Erosion and haemorrhages in oesophagus and stomach
Answer: A) Characteristic bitter lemon smell

Question 70: The most reliable criteria in Gustafsonā€™s method of
identification is ?
A) Cementum apposition
B) Transparency of root
C) Attrition
D) Root resorption
Answer: B) Transparency of root

Question 7: The minimum age at which an individual is responsible for his
criminal act is ?
A) 7 years
B) 12 years
C) 16 years
D) 21 years
Answer: A) 7 years

Question 8: The most reliable method of identification of an individual is
A) Dactylography
B) Scars
C) Anthropometry
D) Handwriting
Answer: A) Dactylography

Question 9: The most common partern of fingerprint is ?
A) Arch
B) Loop
C) Whorl
D) Composite
Answer: B) Loop