The most likely diagnosis

An eight-year-old boy of Indian descent presents to your clinic with ill-defined hypopigmented patches on his cheeks. He has a history of moderate atopic eczema controlled with 1% hydrocortisone ointment and a simple emollient. What is the most likely diagnosis:
A melasma
B pityriasis alba
C steroid induced hypopigmentation
D vitiligo
E lepromatous leprosy

Each of the following is true regarding leishmaniasis except:
A. Arthropod vector is the sand fly
B. Mazzotti’s test is diagnostic
C. Cutaneous disease is the most common form
D. Pentavalent antimony used for visceral disease
E. Espundia seen mucocutaneous disease

Which of the following has been associated with a lichenoid drug eruption?
A. Acetaminophen
B. Sulfasalazine
C. Hydrochlorothiazide
D. Erythromycin
E. Nicotinamide

What is the most likely diagnosis?
A. Pityriasis versicolor
B. Pityriasis rubra pilaris
C. Becker naevus
D. Dermatomyositis
E. Pemphigus foliaceous

Which medication is the most likely cause of this drug eruption?
A. Sulfur based medications
B. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications
C. Methotrexate
D. Beta-lactam antibiotics
E. Calcium channel blockers

The expected histology of a biopsy take from the lesion shown in the image would
A. Schumann bodies
B. Collagen degeneration
C. Granulomatous infiltrate localized to the papillary dermis
D. Increased mucin
E. Elastic fiber degeneration

UVB acts on what compound to form pre-Vitamin D3 ?
A. 7-deoxycholesterol
B. 9-hydrocholesterol
C. 5-dehydrocholesterol
D. 7-hydrocholesterol

Which one of the following is responsible for maintaining a barrier to water loss in the stratum corneum?
A. odland bodies
B. transglutaminase
C. loricrin
D. involucrin
E. filaggrin

Pediculus humanus var. corporis (human body louse) is the vector in which of the following diseases:
A. Q fever (C. burnetii)
B. Endemic typhus (R. typhus)
C. Rickettsialpox (R. akari)
D. Epidemic typhus (R. prowazekii)
E. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (R. rickettsii)

Which of the following biologic therapies is pregnancy category C?
A. Infliximab
B. Alefacept
C. Etanercept
D. Efalizumab
E. Adalimumab

Paraneoplastic pemphigus is associated with all of the following underlying malignancies EXCEPT:
A. Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
B. Castleman’s tumor
C. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
D. Thymoma
E. Lung carcinoma

Formation of granulomas is a potential complication of treatment with:
A. Silicone
B. Hydroxychloroquine
C. Isotretinoin
D. Autologous fat
E. CO2 resurfacing

What is the most likely diagnosis?
A. Periorificial dermatitis
B. Seborrhoeic dermatitis
C. Dermatomyositis
D. Acne rosacea
E. Systemic lupus erythematosus

The most likely diagnosis is
A Actinic granuloma
B Chlorance
C Cutis rhomboidalis nuchae
D Colloid milium
E Favre-Racouchot

Which of the following antiparasitic agents is an organophosphate cholinesterase inhibitor?
A. Ivermectin
B. Precipitated sulfur
C. Thiabendazole
D. Lindane
E. Malathion

You are called to the antenatal ward to see a pregnant lady who has become quite unwell. On examination she has extensive areas of confluent erythema and numerous pustules. Despite being pyrexial initial swabs from a pustule grow no organisms. What is the likely diagnosis:
A Generalised pustular psoriasis
B Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome
C Toxic epidermal necrolysis
D Eczema herpeticum
E Gestational pemphigoid

Antibodies in some forms of Stevens-Johnson bind to:
A. Desmoglein 3
B. Desmoplakin I
C. Desmoglein 1
D. Plakoglobin
E. Desmoplakin I and desmoglein 3

Which type of epidermolysis bullosa simplex is associated with early death?
A. Weber-Cockayne
B. Dowling-Maera
C. Non-Herlitz variant
D. Ogna variant
E. Generalized (Koebner)

Nickel can be detected in jewelry by applying:
A. Dowicil
B. Quinone
C. Thiocyanate
D. Dimethylglyoxime
E. Methylchloroisothiazolinone

Posterior auricular adenopathy is a common feature of which exanthem:
A. Rubella
B. Scarlet fever
C. Measles
D. Erythema infectiosum
E. Mumps

The most likely diagnosis :
A Lichen simplex chronicus
B Sarcoid
C Milia
D Syringoma
E Xanthelasma