The most reliable criteria in Gustafson method of age estimation is:

The most reliable criteria in Gustafson method of age estimation is:
a) Attrition
b) Secondary dentin deposition
c) Transparency of root
d) Cementum apposition

Correct answer : c) Transparency of root

The fingerprint pattem may be impaired permanently in cases of:
a) Eczema
b) Scalds
c) Scabies
d) Leprosy

Correct answer : d) Leprosy

‘Fracture-ala signature’ is:
a) Gutter fracture
b) Depressed fracture
c) Ring fracture
d) Sutural separation

Correct answer : b) Depressed fracture

When a surgeon wants to send the autopsy specimen for virological examination, it should be preserved in:
a) 50% glycerine
b) 10% formalin
c) Rectified spirit
d) Saturated solution of common salt

Correct answer : a) 50% glycerine

A dead body is having cadaveric lividity of bluish green colour. The most likely cause of death is by poisoning due to:
a) Hydrocyanic acid
b) Hydrogen sulphide
c) Oleander
d) Sodium nitrite

Correct answer : b) Hydrogen sulphide

A person presents to the emergency with rigors and chills and a clinical picture resembling malaria. Which of the following poisoning is likely
a) Mercury
b) Red phosphorous
c) Zinc
d) Arsenic

Correct answer : c) Zinc

The “knot” in judicial hanging is placed at
a) The back of the neck
b) The side of the neck
c) Below the chin
d) Choice of hangman

Correct answer : b) The side of the neck

Preservation of brain is not required in
a) Alkaloid poisoning
b) Organophosphorus poisoning
c) Volatile organic poisoning
d) Heavy metal poisoning

Correct answer : d) Heavy metal poisoning

Sexual asphyxia is associated with which of the following sexual behaviour.
a) Masochism
b) Sadism
c) Fetichism
d) Voyeurism

Correct answer : a) Masochism