The origin of white hair

The origin of white hair

The appearance of white hair, also called canitie, happens when the, the cells responsible for the tint of hair, stop secrete melanin. For example, blonde hair are, because the secrete little melanin while black hair is the result of intense melanin secretion.

As soon as the last one is exhausted, the hair turns white. Because don’t get tired, gray hair doesn’t exist! They are either colorful or white. The “pepper and salt” that gives the illusion of gray hair is actually just a mix of white and colorful hair.

Once the melanocytes are empty, it is very rare for them to regenerate. Such phenomena have been seen before, but these are exceptions, very few exceptions which should not be counted. So, once the first white hair appears, tell yourself that unfortunately there is no reverse. The process towards total white is more or less long, it all depends on the case.

On the other hand, do not trust the urban legends that you can completely whiten in seconds following traumatic shock or intense stress. This kind of phenomenon has never been scientifically seen even if the legend has been running since the Middle Ages!

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There is still no general agreement on the specific causes of canitie. Of course, inheritance plays a dominant role in its appearance. If your parents have had several white hair quickly in their lives, chances are that you will experience the same.

Stress, traumatic events can speed up the appearance of white hair, but it is not yet known how much impact it actually has on the process.

In any case, be sure that this is a phenomenon that few of us will avoid! However, it is possible to delay, slow down and hide these new arrivals on your scalp.

Hide white hair
To hide white hair, there is of course the most common way: color. Ironically, this same dye may be responsible for speeding up the.
Indeed, dyeing, although it can change your look and give you a hell of a look, is also an amalgam of chemicals that are pretty harmful to your hair. So you should use it without exaggerating, especially if it’s only a few small hair that will get out.

Without getting a dye that will cover all of your hair, target unwanted hair with a color intended for this purpose and which will match your natural color.

On the other hand, if white hair spreads and it is the colored hair that is in a minority, then we can turn to a classic color that will cover the whole of the hair. A colour once a month is suggested.

What about the yellow one?
Unfortunately, white hair is not the only problem. In the case of blonde hair, among other things, white hair actually turns to… yellow.

To prevent this phenomenon, there are three quite simple ways. First, make a regular visit to the hairdresser. However, there are also much less expensive means.

Some shampoos and hair products are designed to prevent yellowing of the hair (we will give priority to those based on knapweed). These specialized shampoos should be used in alternating with your usual shampoo.

Even simpler, a good homemade product to apply every day: brew three packets of chamomile tea in as many litres of water and rinse your hair after your shampoo with this little concoction.

Slow down the appearance of white hair
Is it possible to slow down the appearance of white hair? We would love to say yes for sure, but the thing is not so clear. It is not yet quite clear that stress is a factor of accelerating the. Some studies show that yes, others claim that the link is far from obvious. Having said that, adopting a more zen lifestyle will benefit you, whether it’s for white hair or not!

Apart from a less stressful life, there is no way to slow down the. So run away from the miracle products that promise you to stop white hair or even bring you back to your natural color!

Scientists are still working today to create a natural recoloring product, but with no convincing results at the moment.

White hair is also natural!
We can try to slow down the bleaching process of our hair or hide it, we have to admit that this situation is one of the most natural… and trendy! Let’s think for a moment of the legendary mane of author Marie Laberge. Indeed, white hair, short or half long, will make a great effect on your next outings.

Put on a hairstyle with volume and movement to maximize its spectacular effect. In men, it’s now well known, pepper and salt hair is popular: we combine them with wisdom, experience and… some pretty sexy Hollywood actors!

White hair doesn’t mean hair that’s not healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to take care of them with good treatment and healthy feeding. With bright and healthy white hair, proudly display your new natural color!

Blaise D. Guillotte