The position of the octopus

The beloved is lustfully lying on the back with immodesty, inviting her loved one to take place between her thighs. He sets up on his knees, one leg above that of his partner, who comes to hang the other high on the masculine shoulder of it. A promise of hot romp, encouraging him to visit without taboo the object of his desire.

The benefits for her
Total Runaway of his libido caused by the angle of entry to its maximum. Something instinctive is taking over. Sexual sensations amplify every powerful go-and-go.

The benefits for him
Primitive drives are in full swing. The position is dominant and deep penetration… his free hand can go astray with pleasure on his body, his butt full of pleasure. The experience is panting.

The most of the position of the octopus
The position is an incredible booster of excitement, depending on the flexibility of the partners, which allows daring caresses, including on the clitoris, boobs, in a tumbleweed ballet that can make her lose his mind.

The least of the position of the octopus

The position gives the beloved little room of maneuver: this can therefore be frustrating. In addition, this position requires some flexibility. In the opposite case… watch out for cramps!

In the initial position, she’s got her hands behind her head. What if you played the game of submission to the bottom, by letting it tie your hands. To win in hot sensations, you are totally at its thank you…