The post is for those who didn't get their expected rank and feeling sad

The post is for those who didn’t get their expected rank and feeling sad.
I want to share a small story about exams and many of us had faced it.
Compare between both the situations. Decide which is the more saddening situation.

Situation 1- The situation in you failed in the final professional exam despite giving your 100% and you didn’t know why you failed. Your all batchmates passed and enjoyed their result as they became doctors after 5yrs of hard work. And you along with very few misfortunes had to study again. But as time passed , everything again became normal.

Situation 2- You didn’t get the desired result. But this time maximum people are with you. About 50thousands candidates worked very hard for the exam. But only few got their desired rank.

Wait for some time… Believe me “TIME HEELS”.

If you want to repeat , then give your 100% , success will come surely.
If you want to take a branch then also take it happily. You will succeed in every branch.

Never regret and worry… Be positive and happy…
Everyone of us will do greats in life after few years…