The Russian Society of Specialists in Kolorektal Cancer (ROSKR)

Dear colleagues!
The Russian Society of Specialists in Kolorektal Cancer (ROSKR) is starting a new large-scale project dedicated to online education.
Laparoscopic surgeries on the headband and rectum - highly standardized treatments. Every surgeon can learn a systemic approach with the right way.
ROSKR gives you the opportunity to undergo online training at the highest level! Together with professors Amjad Parvaiz and Ayhan Kuzu, we are launching a series of webinars with detailed analysis of all types of surgical interventions.
You will be presented with:
phased analysis of surgical intervention, technical subtleties and techniques, anatomy options, rules of periodic treatment of patients.
′′ If you have a ′′ difficult ′′ patient and you don’t know what to do in the operating field - follow standard appointments and make a simple operation ",-one of the ′′ winged ′′ expressions of Amjad Parvaiz.
Our goal is to give you the ′′ key ′′ to every type of operation that will allow you to see recognizable standardized stages in any surgical situation.
After completing the online course, all participants will be invited to take the course
testing, according to the results of which the successful will receive certificates confirming STEPS Course in laparoscopic colorectal surgery from professors A. Parvaiz and A. Kuzu.
All lectures and training videos will be duplicated by simultaneous translation into Russian.

The first of a series of webinars will be dedicated to laparoscopic resections of the left departments of the head intestine.

Professor Amjad Parvaiz
Professor Ayhan Kuzu

Beginning September 2, 2020 at 16:30 (Moscow time).
broadcast on the ROSKR YouTube page

The program of the program
Greeting from the Chairman of the Board of LLC ′′ ROSKR ", Ph.D.n., Head of the Department of Coloproctology ′′ National Medical Research Center for Oncology named after N.N. Blokhin ′′
Zaman Zaurovich Mamedli
Anatomy of the left departments of the headband
Step-by-step approach to laparoscopic resection of sigmovidic intestine
Step-by-step approach to mobilizing the spleen bending of the bending of the curve (three approaches)
Step-by-step approach to the implementation of laparoscopic left-hand hemicolectomy
Issues and discussion