The Sad part isn't that the exam wasn't postponed

The Sad part isn’t that the exam wasn’t postponed but the dilemma which created mental chaos from past 15-20 days😶

When last time Neet pg 2021 counselling was delayed , wasn’t patient care impaired then ?

This is what happen when politics intervene in these situations😑

Aab judiciary me bhi justice nahi milega to kaha milega fir justice🥲

SC is Ruling prty bootlickers- this is what i felt after seeing today’s judgement😈

I know there r two grps one in favour n other against postponment n i know many of u won’t agree to my post but still i wrote what i felt

Dont worry try your best.

Nobody really cares for students… Already a important chunk of time is wasted, don’t get into these distractions now, you have limited time in hand, switch off everything and try to focus!

Ofcourse they are ruling party bootlickers it was proved when supreme court ruled against high court’s decision and arnab goswami was set free

Obviously it’s true .when it was supposed to be in april in last year , when everyone had booked their flights tickets ,then then they thought of postponing exam one day before it