The second season of weekly pharmacology for 2022 exams

Hello guys, many of you have messaged me to start the second season of weekly pharmacology for 2022 exams.
Since many aspirants benefited from it in the first season, i have thought to restart it as per schedule given in the pic.
So how it works?
Starting from Dec 6, every week i will give you a target topic in pharmacology as given in the pic. You have to complete that topic in that week and on sunday like on Dec 12 at 10:00 PM, i will come live on youtube and discuss at least 10 clinical questions related to that topic. Plus you guys can also ask your doubts pertaining to that topic as well.
There will be three categories of students who have to follow different ways.

  1. Students who are strong in pharma:
    You guys can revise that topic on friday or saturday for couple of hours and then join the live session on sunday.
  2. Students who are weak in pharma and complain that they can’t retain: For you guys segregate the topic and study little but every day entire week.
    For e.g. In ANS lets say
    Day 1: Parasympathomimetics half
    Day 2. Parasympathomimetics second half plus revise day 1 briefly for 15 mins
    Day 3. Parasympatholytics half plus revise day 2 for 15 mins and overlook day 1 for 5 mins
    And so on
    And then join live class on sundays.
  3. Students who are targeting NEET 2023 and still havent started with pharma: You guys can follow the same routine for category 2 students and then join live sessions on sunday.
    This is just a small try from my side to keep you guys going and help you not to forget pharma as you know its quite volatile.
    Any suggestions are most welcome.