The story behind our picture

For those you know us and follow us, you may remember the image we shared on our facebook page that clearly describing what’s really going on in the operation room.

Originally, the image was taken in ER in Israel but the exact location we didn’t share because of privacy reasons.

(THE IMAGE CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT – You can see the image here.)

The main goal and the purpose of the image was to raise awareness, not just to the medical stuff it self, but to all patients and family that are waiting in our hospitals halls or waiting rooms. There is a lot of violence against the medical team these days. In Israel a while ago one nurse was burned until death by a patient and we hear a lot of similar cases also in India and other countries.

The moment we shared the image, it went viral. Today, on facebook it has 20 million reach, 69 thousands of reactions and more than 150,000 shares combine on different facebook pages.

Huffington post made a article about this. The original article is in German language and you can find it on this link.

Like we sad, the aim of the picture is to raise awareness and show the reason behind the long waiting on ER, so people with smaller injuries understand why they wait because someone else is fighting for his life.

We truly hope that we can make some changes on the global opinion regarding the doctors. They are fighting for our lives every day. They are our heroes, but they are also human beings. Don’t forget that.